Amb. Zara Juan

Monday, January 28, 2013

"By issuing a call to deep friendship, God invites us into a knowledge of the heart. It is the heart that bridges the gap and forms the bonds of friendship between God and ourselves"

It takes a mediator to settle conflict within ourself, and when we continously harness the skills of communicating with our Divine Creator through Meditative Prayer, we will be more ready to settle conflicts to people outside our self. Establishing this deep conncetion is deep friendship. When we reach this stage, we no longer fear God and we respect Him as our friend. Our relationship will become more lighter because we are comfortable with our friend. We become more secured because we know our friend is always there with us. This whole process is a language of the heart, and when we learn this language, we are less anxious with life. We do not have hidden agenda because we are free to be ourselves to our friend. We treat everyone with respect and we have concerns for their well-being. As we develop this deep friendship, we flourish our relationships, especially, to our partners, our wife or husband, our children, our parents, our mates, our co-workers, etc.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be obedient by all means to avoid greater damage later on. We are bounded by laws, rules, regulations and commandments meant not to please people in authority but were put in place to protect us from danger. The concept of religion with its corresponding mandated lifestyles made it easier for human civilization to be more organize because not all can survive with free mind, some needs to be lead by visionaries to know their purpose in life. Be a free thinker and be happy even without a religion, but if we decide to have a religion, be faithful also to the teachings of the chosen religion...

To talk about faith can be one way, only to God, directly without intervention - private and personal. But, we cannot deny the fact that religions influence the way we see God, the way a righteous living should be, etc. With various religions, contradictions exists causing disharmony to some communities. Don't let the concept of right and wrong harass us and keep us from exploring our free mind. For as long as we are responsible adults who knows that hurting another soul takes sensitivity to the person's right of human dignity, and we take extra precautions not to hurt and respect all, then we can be confident that we know what we are doing. Now, if one decided to have a religion, it is expected that this person will also remain faithful to the teachings of his/her chosen religion. For they are not only believers of God, but believers of their chosen religion. Faithfulness does matter whatever we do and wherever we go, and whoever we are with - a crucial virtue that we can always carry to help us develop the "sincere friendship" with our fellow beings in the human community.

God moves in mysterious ways. If we are in doubt, trust and we will be guided. If we are scared, pray and we will be comforted. If we are irritated , meditate and we can manage our stress and balance everything that comes our way everyday...

God is within us... all of us... with nature... around everywhere... all we need is to connect and everything will fall into its proper places at the right time, maybe not in the time we want to, but in time, in God's time. We do not wait but we trust. We do not suffer but we enjoy everything that we have, be it big or small, everything is God's grace!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Let life flows and go where nature brings it. Just maintain praying to our Divine Creator to give us guidelines on how we can live-by with the nature's current. Prayer teaches us on how we can flow with nature. Don't go out of the current or you'll lose the course of nature, instead let.s pray to survive the current...

If we are in need of something, let us not punish ourselves thinking on how we can get it. Pray on how we can get it! This deep form of contemplation gives us answers to our questions which our minds cannot answer right away. Our mind is created by our Divine Creator and He knows the extent of its capacity. So why do we need to be too hard on ourselves when we are at the end of the line, when we are on the verge of losing our focus, when we are under extreme stress, when we are confuse, but just to take a moment of silence and Pray. Prayer is a tool for survival for this precious moment of deep connection we are given the chance to organize our thoughts and collect ourself to continue our journey to the road of life that we choose to live by. God is our personal guide and no humans can compare to the enlightenment that God gives to us everytime we pray.

Let the spirit of the Lord be with you, body and soul. This pure spirit gives us the shining light radiating from within and shining through outside our body. If we already have this shining light, people will be drawn to us...

It's like a magnet wherein people would like to be with us, stare at us and sometimes fixated at us. Most of the time, we don't know that this light already radiates in our body. This light is very pure, very white and very peaceful. If we already have this, let's keep it by not letting ourselves be polluted with negative thoughts. We know that every person on earth has a problem struggling to resolve on their own. Let's help them by not contributing to their misery. Purity of our spirit requires discipline and conviction to always work for the beauty of life. We have faith that love changes everything and we have the conviction to practice it without reservation. When we love, we do not care who they are, what they do and where they came from, we just love. We do not put standards in loving, but we let love embrace us together. This purity of thoughts in our action is the pure light that clear the pathways of darkness wherever we are and whoever is with us. We guide, we heal, and we make everyone happy.

Work On

Do not stop your mission. Survive the demands and overcome conflicts that goes along with it. Count what you have done at the end of the day and by the next day you know what to do next. Life is a series of unending work. How we wish we can rest and enjoy some few minutes with no obligations, no deadlines, no worries. But, that is the spice of life! Just stay connected to our Divine Creator and we will not feel lost. Everything will be fine because God made everything as His perfect plan to each one of us. Our daily devotion to God through Prayer and constant dialogue will ease our doubts to enlighten us on why we are currently in situations where we are right now. Continue the meditative prayer because our personal and private meeting with Him before we work, while we work and after we work will ease our burdens and make our workloads easy day by day, everyday!

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Be the Peace Leader
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Amb. Zara Jane Juan, Peace Ambassador

Amb. Zara Jane Juan, Peace Ambassador
I choose to be a Missionary of the Interfaith, Interracial, Intercultural Sailing for Peace Program inspired and guided by the discipline and life of the Virgin Mary of the Catholic Church. I am a Catholic, a Lady Datin of the Muslims, a Buddhist in my Healthy Lifestyle and a Hindu in Purifying my Soul. With Free Thinking and Scientific Approach to my Peace Work, my life on the over-all is a whirlwind of Faith and Fate. I refuse donations to my peace work to prevent corruption but rather I decided to live a very simple so that I can fund it personally through my own personal income as Professional Resource Speaker, Author, Visual Artist, Playwright and Director

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